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Metal Roofing Installation ( Pre-Engineered Building )
metal roofing

Installation of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs is the most cost-effective replacement or addition to your home. They’re not only a stylish alternative to asphalt shingles, but they’re also durable enough to weather and survive storms and wildfires. Metal roofs are highly long-lasting, with a life expectancy of 50 years or more depending on the type of metal used and the climate.

They provide a number of advantages, including energy savings due to their capacity to reflect the sun’s heat, a long lifespan, strength and durability, and so on. Metal roofing sheets are also low-maintenance and easy to customise into various profiles.

Metal roofing installation can be a little tricky, and it varies slightly depending on the brand of panels you choose. Winntra advises enlisting the assistance of 1-2 people and using fall protective equipment specialised for roof repair.

It’s critical to comprehend the dangers of installing metal roofing. When operating above the ground, always put your personal safety first. Wear gloves and safety eyewear, and work with saws or power drills with extreme caution.

Make sure there are no electrical lines or low branches dangling from the roof.
Secure the base of your ladder as well as the place where it makes contact with the roof. Don’t forget to check the ladder to make sure it won’t move under your weight.
Make sure you’re using the right fall prevention equipment and that the system is working properly.

Metal Roofing Panels Installation:

1 – Take a measurement of the roof:

Whether you’re installing a metal roof using off-the-shelf corrugated panels or replacing a special order, having the correct length and number of materials is critical, which can be determined by understanding the roof’s square footage. You’ll need to know the length of each segment from the ridge to the eave’s outer edge, in addition to the square footage. This measurement will help you determine how long the panels should be.

Begin by measuring the rake of the roof, which is the distance between the ridge and the outer edge of the eaves on a conventional gable roof. For instance, 14 feet.
Now take a measurement of the roof’s width: All the way from one side of the roof to the other, including the eaves on both ends. For instance, 35 feet.

To find the area of one side, multiply these two figures. For example, 14 x 35 equals 490.

To determine the total square footage of the roof, multiply the value by two. 2 x 490 = 980 square feet, for example.

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2 – Remove the old metal roofing and repair any damage that has occurred:

metal roofing

Although a metal roof installed over asphalt shingles, we advocate tearing off the old roof completely. Before moving on, you can evaluate the sheathing and flashing and repair any problem areas by removing the existing roof. This lowers the risk of a leak.

Remove the old shingles, as well as the vents and flashing underlayment, from the top of the roof.
Any large nails exposes in the open by the removal should be hammered down or pulled out.

Check for deterioration on the underlying roof sheathing. Using sealants and roofing adhesive, do any necessary repairs.
As a personal recommendation from Winntra, install a layer of roofing underlayment, including felt paper or rosin slip sheet. Because metal panels expand and contract at different rates than sheathing, it’s crucial to follow the underlayment instructions provided by the manufacturer.

3 – Put the Drip Edge and Closure Strips in Place:

The following is a detailed guide to the subject:

Install a drip edge along the eaves and rake the roof with 1 1/4-inch galvanised roofing nails. Every 16 inches, hammer a nail into the sheathing.
If you’re installing many drip edge lines, leave a 1/4- to 1/2-inch gap between them and keep the nail away from the lapped joint.
If the eaves have gutters, the drip-edge flashing get fit so that it overhangs the gutter lip by about 1/2-inch.

Apply sealant tape along the top of the drip edge and about 1 inch in from the drip flashing edge once the drip edge is install around the perimeter of the roof.
Remove the top protective backer paper and apply an inside closure strip on top of the sealant tape along the drip edge.
If the closing strip is flexible, avoid stretching it otherwise it will not match properly with the panel.

4 – Attach Metal Panels to the Walls:

To start on the crucial procedures of installing a metal roof:

Align the first metal roofing panel such that it is square to the roofline and overlaps the edge by 1/2 to 3/4 inch.
Make sure the larger edge is laid so that the next panel’s little edge will overlap it.
For screw placement on the panels, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Bansal Roofing can provide you with all of the assistance you require to install your metal roofing.
To avoid buckling, start at the eave and work your way up to the ridge.

Tighten the screws, but don’t overdo it. The washer under the screw head should be flush with the panel’s surface and not bulge or shift.
Apply a bead of 100% silicone sealer to the underside of the next panel’s short edge. Make sure the short lip of the panel overlaps the broad lip.
Install the new panel using screws.
Keep adding panels until the roof is completely cover. It’s possible that you’ll have to cut panels to fit angles. A circular saw with a metal saw blade is use to cut metal roofing.

5 – Attach the Ridge Caps:

It’s time to top the ridge now that the panels are in place. You’ll need to install an external closing strip to accomplish this. The outside closure strip, like the inside closure strip that fits at the start. It goes over the top of metal panels in a shape that fits the panel’s ridges and flat portions.

You will not only get the greatest quality metal roofing alternatives and roofing accessories with winntra, but also proper after-sales assistance.

we assist you with metal roof installation duties.

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